Friday, February 5, 2010

hello again

I havent posted since Rome and I dont think I updated my blog with the results of rome...WE back to back World Champions..we beat the canadiens in a very strange, physical game at the end of july.. we won 6-5...
Im currently in Sicily playing for my club team Orizzonte.. I love it here, cant seem to stay away for very long. We are currently in the quarter finals of champions cup. We are matched up with a team from spain, Alcorcon. We traveled to Madrid about two weeks ago to play our first game. we beat them 12-11. A very intense game.. we had a 4 goal lead at the beginning of the game and it disappeared. Regardless, we are happy with the win and now wait to play them again at home in two weeks. If we win, we are off to the final four which will take place april 9-10.. wish us luck...think of us on February 20, when we take on the team from spain..
on a side note-- there are two other american teammates playing for orizzonte and im having a blast having the opportunity to play with my own teammates and my italian teammates...lets hope for the best result...
PS- the picture above is of my view from my place here in catania..wonderful, right???
a presto friends...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Team USA wins Game 1...

Game vs Kazahkstan
Nice job team USA....We beat Kazahkstan 19-6.
We started very slow and were down 0-3...We kept our composure and ended the quarter down 3-4. We picked it up a notch in the second quarter and did not look back.. The stands were empty but we did have about 10 USA fans in the crowd....
Now we rest and start focusing on Russia....
stats to come....

USA (3, 6, 6, 4) K. Craig 4, M. van Norman 3, B. Hayes 3, B. Villa 2, L. Wenger 2, K. Rulon 2, T. Gandy 1, A. Gregorka 1, J. Steffens 1
KAZ (4, 1, 0, 1) N. Kutuzova 1, N. Rybachek 1, A. Zubkova 1, Y. Gariyeva 1, M. Gritisenko 1, A. Rozhentseva 1

Saves - USA - B. Armstrong 6, J. Komer 2 - KAZ - G. Rytova 8

Penalties - USA 2-2 - KAZ - 0/0

6x5 - USA - 3/9 KAZ - 2/10

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Roma 09

Hello everyone..Its been almost a year since I have posted anything about team USA...We are currently in Rome getting ready to compete at the 13th World Aquatic Championships. We have our first game on Sunday vs Kazahstan @ 12pm...
I will try and be good about blogging about our team...We have a new coaching staff and we are ready for our new adventure...Follow our journey, it will be fun....Go tEam USA

Monday, September 8, 2008



Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We came away with a silver medal after going down to the netherlands 4-0 in first three minutes of game..we fought back but the netherlands beat us 9-8..our hats off to them..
I just wanted to thank all of you who have posted, sent emails and watched us live from your computers..we have never felt as much love and support as we have this time around..You have truly made Beijing and the memories of Beijing a little sweeter with your warm thoughts..Thank you.....GO USA!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to you Patty!!!

We beat the Australia 9-8, today in our semifinal game..what a game it was..I cant really remember much but what I do remember is going up by 3 to end the 3th quarter and after we missed a 5meter we fell a part for a little bit and gave up our 3 goal lead..But then we cracked down on defense and made some 5on6 saves and scored a crucial 6on5 with a minute left in the game..then we did what we do best and played some great defense the last possesion to the game...We will face the Netherlands on thursday..the beat Hungary 8-7...cant wait...

Scoring:USA: 9 (2,2,4,1) B. Villa 3, B. Hayes 2, K. Craig 1, A. Gregorka 1, J. Steffens 1, N. Golda 1AUS: 8 (2,2,1,3) K. Gynther 3, R. Rippon 2, G. Beadsworth 1, B. Knox 1, M. Santoromito 1
Saves - USA - B. Armstrong 8 AUS - A. McCormack 156x5 - USA 4/7 - AUS 2/8

Friday, August 15, 2008